Feed and Garden Supplies

Superior Animal Feed and Garden Supplies

Hitching Post Enterprises Feed & Garden Supply is one of the biggest bird feed suppliers in Canyon Lake, TX. We also supply chicken feed, horse feed and cow feed. Our staff will be glad to help you load the feed into your vehicle.

Check out Our Bird and Deer Feed

  • Wild Delight: Cardinal mix, nut and berry, fruit and berry, black oil sunflower seeds (20 and 40 pounds of bird feed from $8.99 up)
  • Deer corn
  • Deer pellets
  • Deer blocks
Your birds will love our berry-flavored feed! We also always offer 50% discounts on certain products on our table.

Animal Feed From Top Brands

We carry deer feed, horse feed, cattle feed and non-GMO chicken feed from top brands.
  • Jupe Mills
  • Wendland's
  • Texas Natural Feeds
  • Hügelland
You can also find coastal hay and alfalfa hay for horses and cows at our store. Our staff can split 50-pound bags into smaller sizes for your convenience.

Organic Garden Product

Organic Garden Products and More

You’ll get gardening tools including rakes, pruners, hatchets, shovels, hoes, T-posts and chicken wire at Hitching Post Enterprises Feed & Garden Supply. We also sell organic and traditional gardening products.
  • Pesticides
  • Weed killers
  • Lawn grass seeds
  • Garden soil, mulches, fertilizers and more (Ladybug and Medina brands)
Call us if you're looking for seasonal vegetable plants.

Visit us at 1711 FM 2673 to buy top-quality animal feed and garden supplies!
Hitching Post Enterprises Feed & Garden Supply is a drive-through store conveniently located in Canyon Lake, TX.
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